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Title: Completion
Author: Froxyn
Rating: FRAO
Synopsis: Giles and Buffy continue on their path together.
Timeline: Part 4 of A Way Back series.
Author’s Note: Thank you to [profile] fairygothmum for looking over this fic.

CompletionCollapse )

This entry was originally posted at https://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/347370.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)

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Step Two

Title: Step Two
Author: Froxyn
Rating: FRM
Synopsis: Giles and Buffy continue to work through their issues, searching for their way back to one another.
Timeline: Part 3 of A Way Back series.
Author’s Note: Thank you to [profile] fairygothmum for looking over this fic for me.

Step TwoCollapse )

This entry was originally posted at https://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/346891.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)

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Step One

Title: Step One
Author: Froxyn
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Timeline: The day following the events of Downpour.
Synopsis: Can Buffy and Giles find a way to heal?
Author’s Note: Special thanks to [profile] fairygothmum again for looking over this fic for me.

Step OneCollapse )

This entry was originally posted at https://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/346836.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)

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Title: Downpour
Author: Froxyn
Rating: FRM
Pairing: Buffy/Giles
Timeline: A few years after the implosion of Sunnydale.
Synopsis: Buffy and Giles are not as they once were.
Author’s Note: After a nine year break, Buffy and Giles found their way back into my head. Special thanks to [profile] fairygothmum for taking the time to go through this for me.

DownpourCollapse )

This entry was originally posted at https://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/346578.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)

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Hi there!

Hi friends!

I've been not around for such an obscene amount of time...I'm so sorry.  I keep meaning to come in and post...and then something else happens.

I'm also kinda sorta thinking about picking up the pen again...but have no idea of where to even start.

Life is going well for me at the moment.

Nio has just turned 4 years old -- I can't even believe that 4 years have passed already!  He's amazing and sweet and loving and just...the best thing that's ever happened to me.

He loves anything to do with animals, music, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, My Little Pony, Transformers, Paw Patrol, and Bobby Flay.  Oh yes, you read that correctly -- he LOVES Bobby Flay!  LOL

The best and most rewarding role I've ever had in my life is being one of his mums.  I'm so very proud of him.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to his best friend Freya-Rayn on 27 August.  She was 10 1/2 years old and had such a wonderful life, filled with love.  She was quite lethargic on the 26th...on the morning of the 27th, we took her to the vet because we noticed her gums were a bit pale.  She was very anaemic and it was suggested that we take her to get an urgent scan to see what was going on.  We took her to the Vet Hospital where we work and I ended up having to carry her in because she just didn't have the strength to walk all the way in.  They ran some tests...and it turned out that she was a very sick girl.  We were given 5 minutes to decide whether to have surgery or euthanize.

The surgery would have been drastic...and they were talking possible spleenectomy, liver resection...and then (if she survived surgery), chemo.  After all of that, she might have 2-3 months.  We couldn't do that to her, so we did the kindest thing we could -- which was the hardest thing for us.  We gave her cuddles and kisses and held her as she went to sleep.  Oh, how I miss that girl so much.  *sigh*

I'm ready to bring a puppy home.  El's not quite ready yet.  We still have 3 cats:  Xanthe is now a 12 year old tripod, having lost her right rear leg a couple of years ago after breaking it in two places.  The boys, Allonsy and Weller are 6 years old now and doing well. I love them all dearly, but I really do miss coming home to our slobberchops.

And now it's Election Day in the States -- and I'm nervous to the point of being nauseous.

I hope the voters come out in droves...this is the one election that needs all voters to show up.

Good Luck, America.  Be smart and kind.

I hope everyone is doing well.  I miss you guys!  <3 <3

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Journal Disclaimer


In regards to what I post on my journal or Facebook or anywhere else you might find me, it's important to remember one very crucial thing.

If you are on my f-list and can read it, there's a 100% chance that it's not about you or related to you in any way.

If you read something, remember this rule of thumb and still wonder if it's about you...please question me.

Thank you.

Comments for this post are screened.


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You know what they say about good intentions and all?

I have them...I just have trouble following through, it seems.

Really though...if you're on Facebook and we're not already friends there, find me and send me a friend request -- because I'm there just about every day. Unfortunately, it's just easier to post on the go there. :(

I miss the journal concept though, to be very honest.


NioCollapse ) Nio pics!Collapse ) Furkid WoesCollapse ) Family DramaCollapse ) GrandpaCollapse )

*whew* that was a lot to type! *LOL*

And basically...that's what's been going on with me. My life is pretty much all about Nio these days. And I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

I'm sorry I've been AWOL. Like I said, hit me up on Facebook...I miss LJ people. xx

This entry was originally posted at http://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/346302.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)

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Take a deep breath and step away...

I'll just jump right into this. Feel free to ask questions later if you're a bit confused. :)

I have a father, not a DadCollapse )

Well, that was a bit longer than I was expecting...obviously, I needed to get that out.

Sorry, but thank you for listening.

This entry was originally posted at http://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/345979.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)


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What the...

Obviously, I haven't been here in a while. If I had, I'm sure I would've been all "what the hell have they done to LJ?!?!" sooner. *LOL*

Wow...really not liking the way it looks now. :( Which is kind of funny since I'm actually crossposting this from Dreamwidth. *LMAO*

Life has been...well, wonderful really. Nio just turned one on the 11th. We're having his proper birthday party on the 2nd of November. Why so long afterwards? Because I didn't want a 40th party for myself. *LOL* So, Nio and I are sharing a party this year.

El will be coming back to work in January...which is horribly sad for her, understandably. I really wish that we could afford to live off of one income so that she could stay home with him. If we'd just win the damn lotto so we could pay the house off, she could. Of course, we actually need to PLAY lotto in order to win.

So, El will be coming back to work...and taking her job back. But, the good news is that I've done such a good job here that my boss (or El's boss...) will be finding me a new position -- which means that I won't be out of a job. That was a risk when leaving my last job to do this...but, it was a risk that I really needed to take.

The other day, I was playing with Nio in the living room. He looked up at Thomas' cabinet, smiled and said "Tom!". Then he giggled and clapped his hands. Of course, I haven't been able to get him to say it again since then, but...he most definitely said "Tom", which absolutely melted my heart. :)


Here's our little Wombat on his birthday.

I can't wait to see what he does next.

Picture behind the cut, due to size :)Collapse )

I hope everyone's doing well. <3 <3 <3

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Trip 1 - 27 March-22 April

Second Leg - Bristol, TNCollapse )
Well then...that was heaps longer than I was expecting. *LOL* Thank you for taking the time to read along! xx

This entry was originally posted at http://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/345518.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)


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Trip 1 - 27 March-22 April 2013

First Leg - Sydney to LACollapse )

Next post will be about the actual stay in my hometown.  With pics, if I can find them... :)

This entry was originally posted at http://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/345133.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)


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Hi again

Obviously, I didn't make it back last night when I got home. *LOL*

A quickish update on me...

We took Nio back to the States for a visit at the end of March. Just in time for Easter.

This was planned...because I wanted to have a picture of Nio with the Easter Bunny. They don't Easter Bunny pics here. :( We ended up getting it and it was absolutely gorgeous! I'll post it later - I don't have it with me.

The day before we left Australia, Nio cut his first tooth. The day after we arrived at Mom's house (spent a night in LA to break up the trip), he cut his second. SO cute!

We spent 3 1/2 weeks there...spending time with family and catching up with a couple of friends. It was absolutely wonderful and the Wombat charmed the entire family.

We got home on 22 April, spent a day and a half at home, then we were at El's parents' house at 4am on the 24th to catch the shuttle to the airport - for a trip to Fiji. (El's cousin's wedding which turned into a family reunion of sorts :) )

Fiji was beautiful...and I'd seriously consider living there. It was very humid, which was the only thing I didn't like - but that's what they make air conditioning for. *LOL*

I'll write more about the trips later...this is just basically a 'what the hell's been going on' post. :)

Spent a week there, came back on 1 May. On 3 May, I had my tattoo for Nio done...and fell absolutely in love with it immediately. And then on 6 May, it was back to work for me. BOO!!!

I'm about 4 episodes behind on Doctor Who at the moment. I have them on on the computer and ready to watch -- I just haven't had time to actually watch them. Maybe this Friday night, the Wombat and I will watch a few of them while El is out with her mums group. :)

Of course there's been family drama -- but that's for another post too. It would take far too long to type it all out. *LOL* I will say that El's sister has FINALLY and FOR GOOD broken up with the dickhead and El's sister (J) is MUCH better off without him.

Nicholas (J and dickhead's son, our nephew) and Nio are great friends and give each other cuddles and kisses every time they're together. It's quite cute. We call them couslings...because they're not siblings, but more than mere cousins. :)

Picture time!!Collapse )

So, I think that's all for now. It's taken me ages to make this post this morning. I'll do a post about the trips later. :)

Hope everyone's doing well! xx

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I'm still alive...just crazy busy with Nio/work/life.

This is just a quick post before I head home from work to say...HI.

I'll do a proper update very very soon.  I would say tonight, but we'll see how things go when I actually get home. *LOL*

Miss you all!!

Oh...and there'll be pictures.  ;)

This entry was originally posted at http://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/344645.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)


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No excuses...

Holy hell, I've been horrible with Dreamwidth and LJ. Horrible as in...doing absolutely jack shit.

I find that Facebook is a culprit in keeping me away. Simply because I'll say something there...and then forget to say it here.

I REALLY need to do better. I mean, a lot of my LJ/DW friends are friends on FB as well...but, there are a lot that aren't. And I'm so sorry that I've neglected you!


Updates, updates, updates....

Well, I've done zero writing of fic...simply because I haven't had time.

The job is going great and I haven't had to convince myself to go to work at all. Whereas, when I was at Dulux, I was having to convince myself every single morning to go to work. No one should have to feel that way. :(

I'm very sad to hear of Robin Sachs' passing. :*(

I have my next tattoo appointment scheduled for 11 May. I could've gotten it done this month or next, but...we have a few things we need to pay for out of the next couple of pays. Plus, I don't want to be healing (or trying to heal) a tattoo while travelling.

In just a little over 6 weeks we'll be boarding a plane to the States. I'm SO SO excited!!!

My passport arrived today, which is awesome. I'll be using my brand new Australian passport to travel with instead of my American one (which expires in September, not sure if I'll renew or not - thoughts?). The last time El and I travelled, we kept getting separated and it was just a nightmare. This time should be much easier. We'll see. *LOL*

Nio is nearly four months old and is seriously the happiest baby I've ever seen. He wakes up grinning and laughing. I'm so in love with him.

His birth certificate arrived today...don't even get me started on that. Births, Deaths, and Marriages lost his birth registration form that I sent off when he was two weeks old. And it's been a ridiculously horrible pain in the ass trying to get them to send out another form and then get the birth certificate printed. Seventeen weeks old and he finally has a certificate. Which means we can finally get his passport.

Freya has an ear infection...so I foresee antibiotics in her very near future. Other than that, she's as gorgeous and brilliant as ever.

Xanthe's still as bitchy as ever. So love her. :)

Allonsy has become a hunter. :( He doesn't hunt to kill though. I think Winchester had been teaching him how to hunt to bring things in for Freya to play with...because that's what he does. However, Winchester apparently wasn't able to teach him how to do it gently. As a result, I have to be very quick in the rescue or he'll accidentally kill whatever it is he's bringing in.

Weller...oh he's a funny boy. Still hunts leaves and bark...and grass. He's awesome, for reals.

I hope everyone's doing okay. xx

This entry was originally posted at http://froxyn.dreamwidth.org/344481.html. However, you can comment here or there...I'm still around! :)

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Just a quick one...

I think I'm going to start using dreamwidth and crossposting to LJ. I'm just getting really annoyed with all of the changes to make things more betterer on LJ. :( So, if you're on DW...please add me. I'm froxyn there too. :) xx


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Christmas already??

Wow, I'm not really sure where time has gone!

A quickish update on me...

My job (which is technically El's job - I'm doing her job while she's on maternity leave) is going great. A bit stressful this past week just because it's end of year, exams, results, etc. But other than that...I'm really happy.

And apparently people are really happy with my performance so far. I've already been told that they're going to be looking for something permanent for me, so that I can stay when El comes back in January 2014! :D

We have the Christmas tree up, we've done most of our shopping - because I think it's pretty much not getting things for the adults this year. :( We just found out about that yesterday, so it's a good thing I hadn't wasted any effort on looking for anything for anyone.

I made an appointment for a consultation for my next tattoo...it's not until 1 February, but that's okay. That'll give me time to figure out exactly what I want. *LOL*

We've booked our flights and such for a trip to the States next year. We'll be heading over at the end of March and I'm SO excited! I can't wait to see my family again!

We're going to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular at the Opera House on Thursday. Alex Kingston is apparently in Sydney hosting it. Yay...River Song in person. But, it should be pretty awesome nonetheless! :D

Speaking of Doctor Who...

The new companion...kind of interested to see how they're going to work that.

I suppose I should get to work. It's my last day for the year. That's one of the many good things about this job...shut down over the holidays. I take 3 days annual leave and get 2 weeks off. I'm not going to complain about that!

Before I go...

A Christmas message from Nio and his elf!Collapse )

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

Sorry I've been so slack with posting, I'll try to do better. xx

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develish1, thank you for the champers! xx


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T-Day 2012

Two years ago today, little Thomas David Harrison was born sleeping at 20 weeks...with his thumb in his mouth.

I'm not really sure where the time has gone. Two years...how is that even possible? It feels like just yesterday, but then again...it feels like a lifetime since I held him.

It's a beautiful day today. The sun is out and there's a gentle breeze blowing, just as we had hoped. The tree we planted for his first birthday is now blooming...and it's absolutely gorgeous. I'll post pictures of it later.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, miss you, and love you, Thomas. ♥♥♥♥



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Exit Interview

I had a call from Luke in HR today.

He's "very keen" to sit down and talk to me about my resignation letter and the reasons behind my resignation. He then congratulated me on Nio...

Now, Nio wasn't mentioned in my letter at all...which tells me that Angela has indeed discussed my resignation with HR.

My exit interview will be next Thursday, 16 August, at 9:30. I'm looking forward to it. My aim is not to get Greg into trouble or anything, but to make sure that the person who eventually moves into my desk doesn't have to deal with the same shit that I've had to deal with.

We'll see what comes of it...and I'll definitely post about the outcome here.

Luke was really nice to talk to today though. That's something. :)


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